N-AMM03: Skills Programme
Audio Mixing and Mastering

Improve your mixing & mastering skills in 8-weeks part time.

Course Starting date: 29 May 2021 | Registrations Close: 15 May 2021


About the course

With the Audio Mixing and Mastering course, you get in-depth training about how to take your mixes from average to spectacular!

You’ll learn everything from basic audio mixing, all the way through to creating dynamic mixes and mastering workflows. During the mixing process, you’ll discover how to create a cohesive sound by taking separate sound elements that make up a song. After that, the mastering process will teach you the skills to take the finished mix and improve the overall tonal and dynamic characteristics.

The best part? This course takes you from A to Z in a total of just 8 weeks. 

Don’t be just “another” music producer, become “THE” music producer that people are talking about!


DAYS | SATURDAYS 09:00 - 13:00
Next Intake: 29 May 2021


  • Existing Knowledge and experience on any music DAW
  • English Language aptitude: speaking, reading, writing and comprehension
  • Basic mathematical ability

It’s more than a course

This course gives you the opportunity to elevate your audio mixing and mastering skills to a level that you never thought possible.


After we have made sure you are ready and fully committed to study the course, through our easy vetting process, you will be instructed to continue with the registering process.


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Course Curriculum

Week 1
Mixing Overview - Session Preparation - Balancing and Panning
Week 2
Equalization - EQ Types - Creative EQ Techniques
Week 3
Dynamic Processing - Compressors & Limitors - Expanders and Gates
Week 4
Parallel Compression - Side Chaining - Bus Compression
Week 5
Reverb and Delay - Designing Depth - Creating Width
Week 6
Modulation and Harmonics - Flanging / Phasing - Distortion / Saturation
Week 7
Automation Techniques - Static vs. Dynamic Mixing - Vocal Automation Techniques
Week 8
Mastering - Corrective vs. Creative EQ - M/S Processing

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Career Opportunities

Whatever the scale of operation – this course provides you with the opportunity to work with international clients worldwide, from the comfort of your home.


Most frequent questions and answers

To apply at EMENDY you need to first click on the Apply button above and complete the application form. 

Once your application has been received, we will contact you and request a copy of your ID. 

Our college registrar will then be in contact to get the remainder of the documentation which includes a copy of your payees ID and proof of income. We will send you the different contracts to complete and the invoice for the registration fee of R2000 and the course fee. Once we have received your registration fee your seat is secured at EMENDY for the next intake.

All course registrations close 2 weeks before the course starting date. Late registrations will be open until the course starting date at an additional fee. 

The following short courses are run on Saturdays from 09:00 to 13:00

  • Digital music production series
  • Audio Mixing and Mastering

These courses are designed for those who cannot study full time or have not obtained a matric pass.

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Matric or graduating from high school GRADE 12 is equivalent to SAQA NQF 4. 

Our Higher Certificates are NQF 5 and the Diploma course is NQF 6.

EMENDY offers short courses for students without a matric certificate who wants to improve their skills. 

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Course Tuition Fees


The course is presented but (not limited) on the latest version of "Pro Tools" Digital Audio Workstation Software. In order to work remotely as well, it is recommended that students obtain their own licenses of the primary software platforms.


Everything you need to successfully complete the course is provided for on Campus during your sessions. All enrolled students can book and use the College's fully equipped studios and practice room to complete their practical projects during the course. If you want to gain more experience in music technology, excel at the software used in the course and be able to complete assessment tasks remotely, it is strongly recommended that you have access to your own DAW setup.

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